The Flexie

Browse – Buy – Done


1. Who We Are

The Flexie is a micro job site that has been developed simply to serve as a medium for employers to meet up with well qualified professionals in order to get tasks done quickly and properly.

2.What is our aim?

At Flexie, we solely aim to see to it that employers and workers are provided with an authentic workplace where they can each get their needs adequately met. We therefore provide a site where people can find a variety of micro jobs to do and employers too can also post their tasks here.

3. Why The Flexie?

  • Build a convenient micro job marketplace platform
    • Focus on User Experience: Only with a few simple steps, buyers can choose a suitable provider to get things done. Browse-Buy-Done. It sounds simple, but is actually the result of countless hours of research for an optimized UX.
    • Easy to use: Buyers can easily find related services, order and monitor till everything’s completed. They can also discuss with sellers to add extra services to match their requirements.
    • High quality providers: The Flexie offers you beautifully crafted profile page as well as monetizable tool to help sellers attract more buyers. No professional presentation skills needed.
    • Smooth transaction: Different payment methods and gateways are provided, from USA to EU to ASIA and CANADA
    • Easy customization: The Flexie has a minimal and content focused design to make it easier for further customization.
  • Create a safe & reliable micro job marketplace platform
    • Trustful reviews: Sellers get review only from Buyers who experience their services.
    • Service reputation: Buy and see the reputation of a Seller in order to find the best fit.
    • Easy order tracking:  We build interactive Conversation inbox and Dashboard so both Buyers and Sellers can easily track the status of each order.
    • Resolve any disputes: We build a dispute system that admin can arbitrate and make sure of the platform’s reliability.
  • Increase the performance of your Flexiejob marketplace platform
    • Fast: We test the performance of The Flexie with various hosting providers to make sure it’s blazing fast.
    • Secured: We make sure you are always protected with secure login and payment process.
    • Smooth: We optimize all interactive flows on site with clean CSS and HTML5 code so you can have the best experience on your platform.
  • Make money with your Extra Flexie
    • By Offering: You charge your customer more than $5 per FlexieJob when according to the time, quality and quantity he proffered

3. How It Works

  • Browse your needs

           Type your needs in search box to get the best results.

  • Pick a job

           Choose from popular FlexieJobs and pick your favorite one.

  • Get it done

           Pay through our safe and reliable system. And get stuff done from people who love what they do.

4. What is our vision?

Our vision at Flexie is very simple and short and that is to provide both employers and professionally qualified workers with the freedom that they each need when it comes to getting tasks done. We know that employers always seek for the best qualified people to hire in order to get their jobs done. However, such qualified people are located all over the world which is why we created this site simply to bring employers and workers together.

5. How We Do It

With employers seeking the services of people who are well qualified to handle certain tasks and potential workers also seeking for ways and means to earn some money whilst undertaking a variety of micro jobs, we have developed this site to see to it that both these people have a common platform to get their needs satisfied.

We provide freelance workers and employers with one of the most flexible online working sites. Employers have an unlimited number of freelancers to with a variety of professional qualifications whilst freelance workers also have the opportunity to select from thousands of micro jobs that are posted on our site.

We are regarded as one of the safest and authentic micro job sites around and our desire to see to it that both employers and freelance workers are satisfied with our services guides everything that we do.

6. Our Team

At the Flexie, we are always on our toes to ensure that each and every one of our users gets provided with solutions to why he or she signed up with us. In order to achieve such a goal, we have a team of highly qualified and professional staff who are well motivated and dedicated to the work that we do. Our team helps take care of the day to day running and total management of everything that happens on the Flexie.

7. What you get with our Team

  • We have a team who provides you with all the assistance that you need in order to outsource your task to the right freelance workers at a fair price.
  • Our team also provides you with the best customer support services when it comes to getting your tasks completed by qualified professionals.

8. What our team possesses

Our team possess a number of enviable skills, qualifications and personal traits that include the following;

  • Professionally qualified when it comes to the provision of online micro jobs related services
  • Well motivated and completely in love with the work that they do
  • The friendliest customer care service providers
  • A lot of experience acquired from working in similar capacities

Our team of experts always do have the needs of the user at heart and as such are ever ready to work tirelessly to ensure that each and every single need of a user is adequately and appropriately met.

Customer satisfaction is the backbone of everything that we do at the Flexie and as such each and every member of our team makes sure that the client’s needs are always prioritized above anything else.

Sign up with the Flexie today and get assisted by the best customer support service team 24/7.